Do you need some equipment for exercise or rehabilitation? We got you covered!

The latest NSW lockdown has kept us indoor much longer than we anticipated. This means less people outdoors, less physically active and more people cooped up inside. We recommend going out for some physical activity (in accordance with the health advice and rules) to help de-stress and get some fresh air. We here at Aspire Physiotherapy sell exercise equipment and assistive devices which can help you go out and workout. We have equipment from resistance bands to exercise balls. It is important to get out and to have some sunshine. Not only does going out increases the amount of Vitamin D you receive but it can also trigger your body’s serotonin levels. This together with exercises

If you’re lost on some exercises or not sure what or how to do an exercise, check out our Instagram or Facebook page to see some tips and tricks. There are videos from easy to hard for all types of ages.

Below is the link to our Instagram and Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to have a look. It’s just a click away.



If you’re in need of equipment and not sure where to get them, maybe we can help get some for you. If you want to see what we offer, check out our products page which gives a quick glimpse into some of the things we offer here.



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