What we offer

Pain Management & Treatment

Here at Aspire Physiotherapy we help you understand your pain, how to manage it and how we can help ease your pain and get you back to doing what you love. We have seen patients who suffer from chronic pain, osteoarthritis, muscle aches and sprains, acute injuries of any joint, as well as headaches, just to name a few. We use various techniques such as pain education, hands on treatment, manual therapy, massage, Dry needling, Western Acupuncture and exercise therapy to help put you back on track to a health and pain free life.

Fitness & Sports Performance

Getting you back to pain-free function isn’t the end of our job. We like to see our clients come out the other end of rehabilitation with greater capacity than what they had before their injury. We can tailor to your fitness goals such as weight loss, improving cardiovascular health or endurance. If you are an athlete, we can help to improve the physical attributes related to that sport. Not to mention we are located opposite Bigge Park which we often use for athletic rehab and development.

Management Of Osteoarthritis

We understand the burden that Osteoarthritis can have on your daily living and wellbeing. We are committed to helping you manage your osteoarthritis symptoms and help with prevention of the progression of the disease. Aspire Physiotherapy use evidence-based strategies and rehabilitation that help you understand the symptoms, and provide the right type of treatment and exercises for you. We make an individual plan to manage your symptoms and help you improve the overall health of your joints so you can return to better movement, strength and function.

Workplace or Accidents Injuries

All our Physiotherapists have experience in workplace injuries or accidents and are SIRA approved practitioners.  This means that we can work with your employer and treating team to find the best way to assess and rehabilitate your workplace injuries and get you back to optimum recovery.

Basic Sports Nutrition

Although we are not nutritionists, we can provide basic and general nutritional guidelines such has having a balanced diet and weight loss. For an individualised and comprehensive nutrition program, an accredited nutritionist or dietician will be required.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (SC) are an integral part of physiotherapy rehabilitation. Therefore, we use various strength and conditioning principles such as periodisation, education and tapering so that you can run faster, jump higher and push stronger.

Injury Management, Rehab & Prevention Programs

Whether it’s a sport injury, a work-related injury, or a car accident: Aspire physiotherapy can help you manage your injuries during your recovery phase as well as assist in rehabilitating your movement, function and strength. This means that we can guide you every step of the way to better manage your injuries and return to a better version of you. We are also able to assess you and build a program to prevent sporting injuries and work injuries. This can help ensure that you are at your best physical capacity to take on your sport, job or hobby. At Aspire physiotherapy we like to think that the best cure is prevention.

Falls Prevention Program

The role of physiotherapy is to determine the correct treatment strategy that is specific to the clients impairments and activity limitations which are observed throughout the initial assessment. Treatment is also based on evidence of falls factors which physiotherapy intervention can improve and/ or alter. These include complex mobility e.g. as post-stroke, Parkinson’s with freezing; co-ordination and balance; flexibility; strength and endurance; fear of falling; confidence; getting up from the floor using backward-chaining, preventing a long lie. At Aspire physiotherapy our rehabilitation programs also help in the prevention of further falls by working on mobility, balance, strength, helping to restore confidence and self-esteem to improve our clients quality of life.

Why Us?

Vuko Tomasevic is an APA Sports Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist who specializes in spinal and sports physiotherapy, a specialist field that gives us a greater understanding of the body and in turn allows us to offer a more complete range of solutions. He is also able to plan out an exercise program to best support your needs.


Our thorough analysis and assessment of conditions and injuries allows us to make informed decisions about the best treatment for you.


Our physiotherapy treatment may include massages, specific exercises to address your condition, mobilisation, manipulation, stretches, dry-needling, acupuncture, taping, and rehabilitation programs, as well as advice and education on how to manage your condition.

Why Physiotherapy?

The purpose of Physiotherpay is to empower you to be the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally. Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury or need advice and a plan for a more active and healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help you. 

We are first contact practitioners, so you don’t need a referral to see us. Ultimately, Physiotherapy isn’t just about your injury, it is about YOU the person, and we work hard to make YOU FEEL BETTER.

Your Aspire Physiotherapist Will

  • Gather information on your injury or pain history
  • Determine your diagnosis by performing a thorough assessment
  • Begin early treatment of your injury, ache or pain
  • Guide your road to recovery with a tailored treatment plan
  • Walk-through any exercises or questions on your tailored plan
  • Arrange for additional services should any be required
  • Ensure you leave the service satisfied with a smile

Begin your road to recovery and better health today!

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